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Consent and the Mental Capacity Act - wall chart

The starting point of all care and treatment of adults is consent. This wallchart provides healthcare professionals and other staff with essential information on consent to treatment and how the Mental Capacity Act is triggered when a person is unable to give consent. The Care Quality Commission, during all inspections of hospitals, GPs and other healthcare providers, now specifically checks on consent and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The checks are designed to identify any gaps in either staff knowledge or patient records in relation to the law. Designed to be clear, succinct and practical, the wallchart also details issues in relation to restraint and deprivation of liberty in healthcare settings. The full colour gloss finish means this wallchart will stand out on a ward, clinic room, GP practice or other healthcare setting. A2 size (42 x 59cm)

Consent and the Mental Capacity Act - wall chart

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  • If you are a local authority, NHS Trust, CCG or other organisation and do not have a corporate payment card to make payment online then an order can be made through invoice. Please email to request this.

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